Fishing Improvement Actions

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One of the main problems in global fisheries assessment is the lack of data to enable proper decision making. If we add to this situation the interaction of ecological and social factors that converge in the management of fisheries, we are faced with an extremely difficult scenario to address. In order to face the challenges of fishery management from an integrated perspective, Costa Humboldt implements strategies for fishery evaluation, management and improvement that allow us to incorporate the biological, ecological and social aspects of a fishery.
This work not only considers scientific knowledge but incorporates participatory work that recognizes the needs of fishery-dependent coastal communities. By providing technical support and the scientific basis, together with the development of local capacities and technology transfer, we generate fishery management and improvement programs that ensure both the welfare of the populations of marine resources and the coastal communities that depend on them. In this way, fishery management measures are developed in together with the communities, becoming more effective when applied.
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Although rocky reef fishes are not always closely related and we use the term arbitrarily to refer to several species of fish, which live in shallow areas of the coast and maintain their livelihood connected to the sea floor, the vulnerability and fragility to the effects of overfishing is something that this group of fish do have in common. 


In the last 30 years the fishing pressure on rocky reef fish survival has increased considerably in our country. The domestic and international market, and the increase in recreational fishing both on the shore and underwater hunting, in addition to the overexploitation of their habitat (kelp forest systems), have resulted in a deterioration of the populations of these marine organisms.
This is the scenario in which the rocky reef fishes conservation program arises, through which our institution is carrying out monitoring activities of the fishing effort on natural populations, complemented by research with dissemination activities that inform the public about the vulnerability of these inhabitants on our coasts.


Rocky reef fish Data Online (RRFDO) is a platform for storing and analyzing information about rock reef fish. It includes records on the presence, abundance, diversity and interaction of rock reef fish species that inhabit the coasts of Chile. Our objective is to expand this platform throughout the country in order to provide a series of data to strengthen knowledge about this group”»
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