Coastal Fisheries Improvements
Community Conservation


Over the past 20 years, the effects of climate change, sea level rise, fluctuations on biodiversity levels, or anthropogenic disruption over marine environments have captured the interest of several sectors across the globe. It well known that these events are not only affecting natural resource dynamics,, it also threatened coastal communities livelihoods’ that have interacted with the ocean throughout history.

The ecosystem-based management program seeks to understand the existing dynamics between natural and social systems with the objective of providing adaptability in the face of large-scale environmental changes. From a comprehensive perspective, we evaluate ecosystem services that benefit coastal communities, identifying the environmental and socioeconomic factors that regulate this interaction. Focused on working together with local communities through Marine Coastal Areas of Indigenous Peoples (MCAIPs) (Espacios Marinos Costeros de Pueblos Originarios, or ECMPO in spanish) has provide us the ideal framework for developing of management proposals from an ecosystem-based approach. In consequence, we propose and validate sustainable management of marine resources based on the wellbeing of the coastal communities that are responsible of coastal marine ecosystem management.

The Ecosystem-Based Management program condenses a great portion of the investigation projects being developed by Costa Humboldt. This is where our efforts become truly multidisciplinary, and where we are able to approach environmentally and socially sustainable development from a broad perspective.