Ecosystem-Based Management


Worldwide one of the main problems of fisheries assessment is the lack of data that allows decision-making implementation. In addition to this situation, the interaction between ecological and social factors that converge in fisheries management, can find ourselves facing a scenario that is extremely difficult to tackle. With the objective of confronting fishery administration challenges from a comprehensive perspective, Costa Humboldt implements strategies for assessing, managing, and improving fisheries through the consideration of biological, ecological, and social aspects associated to the fishing issues. These efforts not only consider scientific and local knowledge, but also incorporates participatory efforts that recognize the needs of coastal communities that depend on fishing. Providing technical support and scientific basis, along with building local capacities and knowledge transference, we offered fisheries management improvements approaches that seek for a natural balance of marine resource and coastal communities. In consequence, fisheries administration measures are developed along with communities knowledge, in order to becoming more effective and viable.


Although rockfish are not always closely related, and the term is used arbitrarily to refer to several species of fish that inhabit shallow areas of the coastline and maintain living habits closely related to the seabed, one thing that this group of fish do have in common is their vulnerability and fragility to the effects of overfishing.Over the last 30 years, the pressure of rockfish fishing has increased considerably in our country. Their demand from behalf of domestic market, along with the increase in recreational fishing, both shore fishing and spearfishing, as well as the overexploitation of their habitat (Kelp forests), have all led to the depletion of the population of this charismatic fish group. On this scenario emerges the urgent need to create the rockfish conservation program. We offered a scientific and outreach platform that provide tools for the implementation of monitoring activities as well to promote general public involvements and understanding the key role that this group plays on the complex coastal marine ecosystem dynamics.