Climate Change, Public Policies and Regulations


With the goal of promoting sustainable actions, we seek to contribute to the educated and critical thinking of those who work with us, through an approach that encourages the empowering of local communities, and understanding them as essential actors for conservation of marine and coastal territories. We aim to achieve an appropriate infrastructure, inserted in a cooperation network, thus maximizing the resources and effectiveness of our interventions.


With the objective of articulating the coastal marine territories by empowering the main actors of the coastal area’s administration, we have embarked on the creation of the first national Marine Coastal Areas of Indigenous Peoples Network. This initiative’s purpose is to broaden capacity building, increasing possibilities and knowledge oriented towards safeguarding Chile’s coastal marine patrimony. Under this context, efforts are being made to strengthen a collective local governance system, understanding the territory’s needs and demands.

Particularly, through the creation of the network, we hope to achieve an integrative system where representativeness exists for the main actors of the coastal areas, with aspirations to put together a national strategy between indigenous and non-indigenous coastal communities associated to fishing activities and the management of marine coastal resources.

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